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Quail Run Kennel
Quality Brittanys
When you purchase a puppy from Quail Run Kennel it is guaranteed to be healthy at time of delivery.
We ask that upon receiving you new puppy (within 48 hrs.)
 you have it examined by a licenced veterinarian.
If there is any medical reason you are not satisfied
with your puppy you may return it for a full refund or a replacement puppy of equal value...the choice is yours.
 The puppy must be returned with all registration papers and a signed statement from your veterinarian stating illness is required. 
This does not cover any other expenses...just the purchase price of the puppy.

Life-threatening, Genetic defects
Your puppy is guaranteed until 1 year of age
 against life-threatening, genetic defects.  
We will gladly replace your puppy with another puppy of equal value should a life-threatening, genetic defect problem arise.  
In this case the puppy would need to be uthenized and a signed statement from a licenced veterinarian stating illness would be required.
This does not cover any other expenses...just the replacement 
of a puppy. 

We also guarantee the hips of your new puppy against
hip dysplasia.
At two years of age you will need to have its hips OFA certified.
This is done by having it's hips x-rayed by a certified veterinarian.
He will then send the x-rays to OFA for certification.
To learn more of this process click on the link below.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals:  

This guarantee does not cover any other expenses...just the replacement of the puppy. All other expenses are 
the responsibility of the new owner. 

Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions 
you may have concerning this guarantee!


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You are welcome to call anytime!

 Health Guarantee
This page last updated: 11-27-23
This page last updated: 11-27-23